Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I share the virtual ticket's QR CODE with anyone?

Since you can only use the QR CODE ONCE to enter the event, you may share it only with the person who will be attending the event (In case you bought the ticket for someone). However if you will be the one attending the event, then do not share the QR CODE with anyone since it will be deactivated after the first use.

When will I receive the ticket I ordered?

After placing your order on our website, you can make the payment via OMT TRANSFER within 48 hours to receive the QR CODE by e-mail, You can also view your virtual ticket’s QR CODE¬† on your account by clicking on “MY ACCOUNT” . Your account will be automatically created after placing the order.

Where do I send the OMT transfer code?

Via Whatsapp. You can send the photo of the transfer to this number via Whatsapp +961 81 619 038. After the transfer is sent, the virtual ticket’s QR CODE will be activated.

Where do I receive the virtual ticket's QR CODE?

After sending the OMT transfer code, your virtual ticket’s QR CODE will be activated and sent to your e-mail. You can also view your virtual ticket’s QR CODE in your account.

How do I use the virtual ticket to enter the event?

Each virtual ticket has a unique QR CODE that will be scanned at the event’s entrance. You will receive this QR CODE on your e-mail, The QR CODE will also be saved in your account on LEBANESE RAVERS. You must present this QR CODE at the door to be scanned. You can print out the PDF if you wish, or screen capture the code, or present it as it is.

Do I receive an invoice for my order?

You will receive an e-mail with all details regarding the purchased virtual ticket.

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